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Tanzanite Rarity

Tanzanite is a rare and precious gemstone variety of the mineral zoisite offering outstanding investment opportunities. While zoisite itself occurs widely, the random presence of vanadium in the same vicinity under exacting geological conditions more than 585 million years ago created the ideal environment for tanzanite's conception. Tanzanite formation is so rare that it has been described as being more astounding than the stone itself.

Found only in Tanzania

Miners of Tanzanite near Arusha
The worlds only known source of tanzanite occurs beneath the sweeping grasslands in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania, East Africa. Spawned during the Pan-African Event, when massive geological activity ripped Africa from India and set Asia adrift from North America, tanzanite's geology is so unique that it has been described as a geological phenomenon. Indeed, experts maintain that the chance of tanzanite occurring elsewhere in the world is more than one in a million. Most gemstones are found on virtually every continent.

Just one generation

This geology is rendered even more phenomenal by the fact that the source is limited to a single generation. Those fortunate enough to already own tanzanite gems and those who acquire it in the next decade or so will be the only first-time owners. Thereafter, tanzanite will become a precious heirloom available only from tanzanite owners/investors.

Identical Case History Indicates to Buy Now

Paraiba tourmaline was discovered in the late 1980's and the mines were quickly exhausted by the mid 1990's. While it was easily obtained for cheap on the market in the 1980's as a little known gemstone, its prices are now an average of $20,000 a carat. Therefore, we easily anticipate tanzanite to reach astronomical prices within 12-13 years. Paraiba tourmaline is not near as beautiful and eye catching as Tanzanite, so the potential gain is even greater with Tanzanite investments..

The most savvy tanzanite investors would purchase a top quality piece of loose AAA tanzanite and have it placed in a pendant or brooch. These are significantly unusual and will be very rare in the future since nearly all tanzanite is made into rings. These pieces may be passed down to our children as they enter adulthood and will appreciate the heirloom treasure and it's value. There will be no other way for our upcoming generation to obtain investment grade tanzanite other than inheritance or paying a huge premium for it.

Unparalleled Scarcity

Because tanzanite is more than 1000 times rarer than diamonds, the unparalleled scarcity has earned tanzanite its own unique place in the gemstone hierarchy.

Diamonds, colored gemstones and tanzanite…

The historical two-way split between diamonds and colored gemstones has now evolved into a category triad: diamonds, colored gemstones and tanzanite.

Tanzanite Secure Investment

Tanzanite found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro

Can you imagine what it is to own and have a collection of anything that is treasured, is increasing in demand and has a rapidly dwindling supply expected to be depleted in 5 to 10 years? This makes tanzanite a viable, secure and potentially, hugely profitable investment. With the economic downturn, now is an especially good time to invest in tanzanite.

Tanzanite as a commodity is something that can only be found in a 4km square area in Tanzania, is hard to get at and incredibly easy to accidentally destroy during the extraction process. Yet tanzanite is something that people not only wish to have as a valuable investment, but actually covet its incomparable beauty and what many believe it's healing and therapeutic properties.

Anyone seeking an infallible investment would want to consider faceted AAA Investment Quality Tanzanite as an essential part of any investment portfolio. Unfortunately for those seeking quality AAA tanzanite, most of the material presently coming out of the ground is of much lower quality than previously available. However, the demand for this incredible precious gemstone is growing rapidly while the availability of quality tanzanite gemstones is dropping. Tanzanite is a non-renewable resource meaning that some day in the not too distant future the supply of tanzanite will be exhausted.
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tanzanite properties and folklore

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